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and modified guns which no longer meet safety standards. governor jerry brown signed 11 gun laws this fall but vetoed another dozen including assemblyman dickerson's. >> it's also something of a surprise. because i had a similar bill last year that was vetoed by the governor. so we modified this bill and still didn't get his approval and that's of course surprising. >> reporter: assemblyman dickerson says he will reintroduce the bill when lawmakers return to work in sacramento. >>> richardson police are using a new technology to recover stolen vehicles. when a car comes up stolen police are immediately alerted. last year richmond had the highest auto theft in the nation. auto theft is down 3% since cameras were installed last may. >>> high temperatures today were about like yesterday. maybe a little bit cooler we had a lot of cloud cover. no wind but cloud cover and that kept things in the cool side until later on in the day. sun came out and you got to 65. and the hot spot if you will would be santa rosa at 66- degree. tomorrow's daytime highs will be slightly warmer. if you're traveling
. >> reporter: governor brown joined other dignitaries to break ground on the oakland global. >> it's about creating jobs and revitalizing a community that oftentimes has been neglected. >> reporter: the project, flat more than 300 acres making way for a new cargo transit hub. a new rail yard. 1million square feet of warehouses. one big goal, cutting out thousands of trucks that currently pollute the air at the port. >> let's seize the opportunity and finish this project and create more jobs and stabilize and enhance the economy. >> reporter: today a promise was made. thousands of blue collar jobs to west oakland. that's what officials say oakland global will bring to this community. >> 50% of these jobs must go to oakland residents. i believe that jobs prevent violence and prevent crime. that's a critical part of this project. >> reporter: funding for the project will come from both the federal and state government as well as the private sector. phase one of the project will take about five years to complete. live tonight in west oakland, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> they pumped i
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2